Essentials to Pack for That Trip to the Coast


Essentials to Pack for That Trip to the Coast


You are finally taking a break from work to visit the coast with your girls or your boyfriend. You may think your happiness depends on your companions, but it actually does not matter who you visit the coast with. How much you enjoy your time there is mostly dependent on whether you pack all the essentials you need or not!


Imagine forgetting a crucial item like that bikini you have been saving up for this trip, or forgetting your sunscreen and thus not getting to enjoy the sun as much. Nightmare!


Below are some essentials that you definitely need to pack for your trip. Packing in advance always helps to ensure you get things right.



This should be a priority for you. A trip to the coast means walks on the beach and days spent sunbathing. You will not be able to really enjoy the sun unless you know you are protected when exposed to it. Invest in good quality sunscreen and be sure to put it in your bag in advance so that you do not forget it. You do not want to go back to work all burned up!



Depending on your preferences, you need to ensure that you pack a swimming shorts or a bikini. A trip to the coast is not complete if the better part of your time is not spent enjoying the ocean and the pool at your hotel. If you own swimwear, ensure that it is in good shape days before the trip. If you have none or want to get your hands on more options, this is an opportunity to go shopping.


Hat and Sunglasses

As you protect your skin from the sun’s rays, you also need to protect your eyes from the sun while sunbathing. A wide brim hat and fancy sunglasses will protect your eyes as well as make you look trendy and stylish. Who doesn’t want to come off as trendy when on vacation at the coast?


Sandals and Shorts

This does not mean that you buy tens of pairs. Depending on the number of days you are planning to spend at the coast, you need to pack a few sandals and shorts. Sandals are signature wear at the beach and shorts put you in character.


Cotton Dresses

You do not want to wear pants when out and about. Apart from you looking out of place, you will also be quite uncomfortable because of the heat. Brightly colored cotton dresses will keep you comfortable as your skin will be able to breathe. Dresses are also very stylish , especially when paired with beach sandals and sunglasses.


Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are very important for that trip to the coast. These will sort you out when you want to carry your wet beach clothes back to your hotel after a day at the beach. The bags ensure that nothing else inside your beach bag gets wet and lets you enjoy your vacation without any reservations.



This might be the last item on this list but it is, by far, not the least. The only way to remember and tell stories about your trip is by keeping memories. A good camera will help you take hundreds of photos that you will get to share with your friends as you recount to them the most magical parts about your trip!