No Need to Spend a Fortune on Your Wedding Dress- Tips To Help You Spend Less with Compromise on Quality


The Expert’s Guide on Getting Your Dream Wedding Dress on a Budget

You are finally getting married. It is finally happening. All your dreams are coming true. There is, however, that tiny disturbing thought at the back of your mind. Will you be able to afford your dream wedding gown?

Sounds easy, right? At the end of the day, it’s just a dress. But the problem is that you want the best quality gown and you are not very sure if that comes cheap.

There is no need to fret about the amount of money you will spend on your wedding gown. Keep calm and use the tips below to spend less without compromising on the quality of your wedding gown!

Find a hand me down in the family

You probably have that cousin or aunt who has a shoe closet the size of your house with shoes they have never worn. You clearly remember her wedding gown and it was legendary. You are actually almost the same size. Even if you are a size smaller, it is nothing a snip here and there will not fix. Play your cards right and you might just end up paying next to nothing for a wedding gown of your dreams.

Do not shop during wedding season

Depending on your locality, there are times when weddings are likely to happen a lot. Avoid going for your wedding dress shopping during this time. Even if it is too early to get a wedding dress, you’re better off doing this and saving a few coins while still getting the quality that you want.

Custom is expensive

If you are thinking of getting a custom-made gown, this will definitely cost you a pretty penny. A designer who has to sit down with you and listen to you describe a complicated gown that she is supposed to make for you will charge for the time, the sowing and the energy they put in trying to understand how exactly you want it to look like. Going for readymade gowns will save you the extra cost and from hundreds of dresses in a wedding shop, you are definitely going to find the one that was made for you.

Go simple and classic

If you are going to buy a ready-to-wear gown, the simpler it is the less you will pay for it. If your wish is to spend as little as possible on a wedding gown, go for a plain dress without embellishments and too many additions. Meghan Markle actually set the pace for that! A simple wedding dress will make you look classy and chic which is definitely the look you want to go for.

Rent a wedding gown

Since this is something that you will only wear once and forget about it, you can opt to rent instead of buying. You have to be open minded and comfortable with wearing a wedding gown that has been used before but the guarantee is that you will save quite some money, and maybe even get to wear a designer you could not have imagined affording if you were to buy your dress!